If a space needs drama

make a scene

The original design of Simon Young's Asia chair and Ballerina Twist Table add a unique feel to this dining experience

Andy Young's magnificent copper tree sculptures brought a dramatic ambience to the space; twisting and entwining their branches in a lifelike form. With increased demand for sculpture in both commercial and residential spaces Create Bespoke work with brands and high profile individuals to craft the vision for these unique and magical copper creations.

In fitting with our ethos every tree is inspired by the beauty of nature; each sculpture is unique, crafted individually by hand.

Location Shots138 Laura

Following their appearance at the famous House of Peroni the trees and furniture also featured at Somerset House as part of their 2016 Summer Series and gained significant attention in the design press and wider media. In turn a number of private clients have been inspired to bring versions of this sculpture into their living spaces, with each one customised to their individual environment.

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